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Team culture is a ‘blind phrase’.


That is, we use it constantly to describe a phenomenon within a business or organisation, yet it does little to help us ‘see’ what the real drivers and issues are that reside within the group.


From all the reports and interviews, it is now clear that coach, Darren Lehmann has been blindsided by a Warner led, Smith supported and Bancroft coopted plan to ball tamper.


While it is desirable to know most important events that are happening within your business or in this case the Australian cricket team, if someone(s) want to do something that they know will not receive the approval of the boss, or in this case the coach, then they will always find a way – especially if the plan and actions to be taken are against the rules, CHEATING.


Sanctions have now been handed down.


Lehmann has publicly expressed his heartfelt sentiments to the public and the players involved.


And now there is a quick regroup to face South Africa in the 4th & final Test of the series.


Irrespective of the result, Australia will surprise everyone by the way they play – the next chapter begins!



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