Get involved and find your own way to #rollupyoursleeves

…rebuilding fences, felling trees, catering, cleanup, possum boxes, joey pouches, transport, wildlife care, predator fencing, pet care, support messages, emotional support, mental health, prayer…

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Almost every news bulletin on every form of media begins with another tragic story of the nationwide bushfires, or at best, an alert of what might be coming due to changing weather conditions.

The next story relates the incredible efforts of the ‘Fireys’, all other support volunteers and community after community as they battle to meet the fires headon, and the ashen effects that fires leave.

Behind these stories, seemingly somewhat distant, are those people still suffering the ravages of drought, or still impacted by the aftermath of floods and cyclones, or becoming victim of global economic slowdowns, or struggling with personal circumstances that life has dealt them.

How do we #rollupyoursleeves and help everyone?

It is not possible.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, however.

We can continue to pray and keep all people in this wonderful nation of ours in our thoughts.

We can send calls and messages of support to those whom we know in affected parts of the country.

We read and hear of some incredible generosity from celebrities such as Twiggy Forrest, Elton John, Pink, Celeste Barber, Shane Warne, Ash Barty, other cricketers and tennis players and more.

Your donations can help #rollupyoursleeves supporting these – as well as the many well-publicised funds

We can search for tools that may be of help to some in times of strife, eg there are always communications breakdowns due to disasters. Here is one site which may help people be able to maintain vital communications:


Get involved and find your own way to #rollupyoursleeves.