Referee the Folau decision

who will be penalised?

As the referees adjudicate the decision, who will be penalised – Folau or the ARU?

The Folau case has done little to enhance the reputations and credibility on either side of this protracted legal stoush.

On the one hand, there is argument for being able to express your opinion in a democratic society. Possibly there can be some discussion over the means by which this was done, but surely, a view or an opinion or a belief can be announced, irrespective of whether others have a different stance – is this not democracy?

On the other, if you choose to sign a contract with an employer which has certain terms and conditions, surely by your very action, you agree to any consequence that may flow from not upholding the agreement?

Australian rugby has been fumbling the ball on and off the field for some time now – what will be their fortunes in the legal arena as well as their biggest playing arena, the 2019 World Cup?