Leading through values and principles is a phrase often talked about, but is harder to do than to say. I am sure we can all recall recent examples in politics and business where leaders have not been able to live their values and have paid the price.

While we are yet to hear the full story of what happened in the Australian dressing room at lunchtime on the 3rd day of the 3rd Test, Steve Smith has admitted that he and the ‘leadership team’ were responsible and accountable for the decision to cheat by tampering with the ball.

From all previous knowledge of Steve Smith, it would seem this act of incredible stupidity and which was a flagrant, some say arrogant, violation of the Rules of cricket, is totally out of character.

It is an incredibly difficult job being a leader. The pressures are enormous.

However, once a person accepts the position, the individual accepts everything that goes with it  – good and bad.

So Steve Smith has an opportunity to redeem some lost faith in him as a leader and as a person by his millions of followers through accepting his role in the ball tampering event which means the consequence for the leader is to resign.

Tomorrow’s announcement by CEO James Sutherland will shed further light on what happened, but I would hope Steve Smith and others complicit by decision or by action or both, will live the values and principles we expect of our sport leaders and resign at the same time.


For more listen to my radio interview with BBC Live below



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