A leader is always under tremendous pressure to lead his team or organisation. It can become a very lonely place at the top as there are few, if any one, that the leader can unload their deepest thoughts.

After a long summer of cricket, a captain can become jaded, emotionally exhausted as well as physically and mentally tired. I have seen this at close quarters with the teams and captains I coached, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting.

It is at these times the captain, the leader is vulnerable, both onfield and off.

It is where the Coach-captain relationship is so important where the load can be shared or at least recognised and strategies to assist are put in place.

Does this excuse Steve Smith for the decision he has admitted to making.


During the next 24 hours  or so we should all learn most of what transpired in the dressing room. Whatever the story though, Steve Smith has no option but to resign.





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