What are my recent learnings as a business coach, a passionate Queenslander and Australian, a husband, father and grandfather?

  1. Never miss the opportunity to say “I love you” to every member of your family, at least once a day
  2. It is tough times for many businesses in Australia, but keep believing in yourself so that each day, you are as well prepared as you can be, and motivated to have another crack!
  3. Take time to reflect upon what we have; appreciate how good this country is; and then do everything you can do to preserve it

I hope you can use my learnings, especially over the Christmas period where you may have more time with family and the ability to reflect on the year.


Interested in what I have been up to since our last contact?

I have been doing some writing of which recent articles or tips are:

  • Beyond19 blogs with coaching tips for sales team leaders and sales process
  • Governance Institute article looked at the issues that sport face with good governance


Over the past few months there has been quite varied coaching and leadership engagements such as –

    • Boggabri Coal (Idemitsu) – assisting the Senior Leadership team to manage a major organisational, operational,  and technical change to the mine by running in parallel the longterm vision, values and culture that will differentiate Boggabri Coal from its competitors
    • Southern Region Victoria, Deputy Principal Network conference – leadership roles in schools have become quite complex. In order to navigate through the complexity, I provided the conference with my Everest Leader framework through a full day workshop.
    • The Victorian Public Service Commission (VPSC) have tasked the Victorian Leadership Academy (VLA) as the body to develop a new generation of public sector leaders who are high performing, diverse and collaborative leaders, delivering quality services and outcomes for the community. I am a member of the coaching panel, and provide executive coaching to senior members of the VPS
    • AFL Level 4 program involves mentor coaching with the next set of AFL Club head coaches
    • Queensland Public Service Commission (QPSC) conduct a variety of leadership programs for middle managers to senior leaders within the QPS for which I have been involved through the People Matters workshops.
    • Continuing the roles in International Leaders as Advisory Board member to Victorian Leaders and Director SA Leaders
    • Conducting the Everest Team workshop for growing law firm, Batch and Mewing
    • Interview and speaking for the main fundraising breakfast for the Hills and District Chamber of Commerce
    • And on the immediate horizon –
      • Sri Lanka Leaders group are looking to launch a leadership conference in Colombo
      • Western Australia’s HR Leaders Summit
      • Principals conference for SE Qld


Projects that are keeping me out of the garden and away from the beach but exciting and filled with possibilities:

  • Rpm360 – a performance management system and app for business
  • Launch Teespecially designed equipment to help young children gain greater success and enjoyment when involved with activities that require a bat/racquet/paddle and a ball
  • Digital disruption ambassador with REDD
  • Reinvent Australia  – One Vision Many Voices: Building Australia’s resilience and improving the quality of life for its people
  • Video blogs throughout the coming Ashes series


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